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Thankful reflection

After Thanksgiving, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s important in life. I think with the things that have been going on over the last few years, it certainly hits home harder than usual that relationships are so important work on or work through or enjoy. Life is short, and you just never know what is going to happen. Life can change in a split second.  A new approach can make all the difference.


A new chapter is beginning. Not sure how I feel about it, but I’m moving forward. Having business difficulties with this never ending virus is a bit overwhelming considering I am dealing with health decisions issues afterwards. However, I’m finishing up practice corporate matters and anticipating being done by the end of the year or close to it. Most likely at that point in time I will begin processing things and going into details about some things that may be helpful for people going through the issues that I am going through. I will keep posting and hope to develop a plan and keep you informed on how I feel, and what I’m going through during these difficult times.

Brand New Days

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Much has happened. I’ve decided to retire unexpectedly for health reasons that were not in the plans.  The doctor now becomes the patient.     It’s sureal.    I’m still not sure what I feel with a cancer diagnosis. I’m sorting out my feelings as I’m closing out my practice moving things, going through things, and thinking about many patients through the years. It’s going to take a while to come to grips with everything.  Dr. Smith 

I will keep everyone posted!


I used to say that if I just watched TV, I would never leave the house. I said this long before Covid 19. Today, it’s even worse than it was in the past. Watching television and the fear mongering that goes on is just incredible. The decisions made about this virus are new to everyone. There are essentially no experts. And, contemporary society has not been confronted with such difficult situations. Each choice having challenges. There is no good choice. Even if we completely shut down the country, the virus would likely show back up.

This too shall pass

This too shall pass– Is a saying that I have lived by. Many think that our lives are paths straight to a destination. The path is wrought with much failure and  difficulties, and life continues to march on when we attempt to  get to our successful place.
The pandemic has affected both  aspects of our lives at the same time. Wow! I think most of us have been pretty much wiped out emotionally and physically  in dealing with this covid 19 situation.  This pandemic has shaken us to the core at the office as well as at home. I thought things like this could only happen in the movies. We have been working hard on progressing through on all fronts of this situation. I will still stand by the saying. Hopefully it will pass soon!

Trying Times

Long before the Corona virus, I often said if we just watched TV, we would be too afraid to leave our houses. Of course the Corona virus situation has made this statement even more true. Unfortunately, getting rid of the Corona virus has been found to be quite a challenge. Decisions made no matter what they are, have quite concerning consequences. So we have to follow the recommendations of hand washing, wearing masks, social distancing, and staying out of large crowds to help reduce our risk as well as others risk relative to the virus.
Nonetheless, our medical concerns, including oral surgery issues, will continue and can get progressively worse even causing systemic health concerns. So, we must continue to figure out how we can move on with our lives and manage the Corona virus situation.

The new normal in the office

We are all now confronted with this new challenge called the Corona virus. We, in the office, have been working since the virus was 1st known to be a problem here in America to be able to safely treat patients and stay ahead of the safety curve. Literally, from day one we have been seeking out information from the governing bodies both in health care, the state as well as national agencies to be able to treat our patients with on going issues and to be as safe as possible. We’ve been working in the office treating patients through this pandemic with the exception of most of April and a few days in May. Unfortunately, our medical issues and  dental needs are continuing through these difficult times and generally must be tended to as best we can while managing the virus. In the office, we’re working as hard to safely treat you and keep life’s train moving despite such difficult circumstances of the pandemic.  Despite our best efforts, we are not going to be a 100% safe from the virus. Also, we are not sure how long this virus is going to be with us. As a result, we need to continue to move our lives forward including in the health care field. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call the office. 216-228-4232 Dr. Smith

Holiday Greetings

Well, the Christmas Season is here in full force. Everyone is buzzing with hope that ole St.Nick is soon to be here. Our staff is quite festive, and we’re trying to help as many people as possible before the end of the year. Our oral health had so many implications throughout our body, and we must work hearted keeping our mouths healthy. Remember, getting the teenagers wisdom teeth evaluated is a healthy thing to do.    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe new Year everyone!

Facial rejuvenation

You can not beat the ease with which you can rejuvenate your look naturally. The work be done in a few minutes. Results with dermal fillers are immediate and the botox results are seen within a few days. The patient can be involved in the artistic aspects of the actual work being done.

Fear in oral surgeon’s office

I can’t remember a patient, in 27 years, that didn’t have some degree of fear for the surgery or the anesthesia. I think this feeling is natural in dealing with an area of life that we lose control to another individual like the doctor especially with anesthesia. This area of life is unfamiliar to most people with intermittent stories of a significant problem or even death on the news.
In our office,  I will encourage people to ask questions and try to direct mental thoughts in constructive ways to help them combat their fears. I will ask the patient’s what is their specific concern. I will try to get them to think positively as well as put themselves in a friendly mental place. Our staff is also quite helpful and supporting the patient through this difficult emotional time. Just remember, we are here to help you and don’t hesitate to ask questions before during or after the procedure. Have a great and safe Memorial Day. Dr Smith

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